16th August 2018 

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Private Classes. padmasana

Private Tuition

Private yoga tuition is available either here at Kali Thea, or I can visit your holiday home or villa.

Please contact me by email, or telephone 69759 30108 for further information and prices.

Writing workshop

Have you have ever dreamt about putting pen to paper? Or are you a more experienced writer looking to generate new work. Whatever your experience, this workshop is for you. Taking place in the picturesque Old Village, let your words flow amongst the beautiful surroundings. We will work together, following the Amherst Writers and Artists Method to create a safe, confidential environment, where every writer’s voice is valued, listened to, and supported. We will write to a set of creative prompts, and then be invited to read the work aloud.

The workshop is limited to 8 writers.

The Amherst Writers and Artists Method

  • Everything we hear remains confidential

  • We honour the writer by listening carefully

  • We treat everything written as fiction

  • We refer to the narrator / speaker, not to the author, as the voice of the piece

  • We respond to these ‘first drafts’ with what we like, what works with us, rather than offering any criticism

  • We remember that while healing often occurs through our writing, this is not a therapy group, and we maintain our focus on the writing

    For more information – dates/times etc. contact Bibi on (+30) 69759 30108 or info@kalithea.org