Kali Thea

Yoga and Massage in Alonissos

Situated on the beautiful Greek island of Alonissos, we at Kali Thea offer you an alternative holiday experience. You have the opportunity to revive yourself with a week of Yoga classes and to relax and pamper yourself with a range of massage treatments including Swedish, Hot Stone and Thai, all of which are all available on site. Yoga drop-in classes are also available throughout the year.

Alonissos is a beautifully tranquil, unspoilt island of the Sporades featuring unique areas to explore and spectacular views to see, there are boat trips to deserted beaches, wonderful clear waters to swim and a wide range of walks available. Spend the days exploring the many beaches and experience the warmth of Greek hospitality at the local tavernas and cafes.

As the directors of Kali Thea, Lee and Bibi Hamblin are experienced practitioners in their fields and moved to Alonissos after relocating from London.

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The purpose built studio and therapy room has wooden flooring and offers wonderful views of the sea and the distant islands. There is also the outside terrace if preferred for some of the classes.

We hope to see you soon.

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Lee and Bibi Hamblin

[email protected]