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Please email if you wish to be added to the mailing list and be informed of future events at Kali Thea.

Phone Bibi or Lee on mobile (30) 69759 30108 / home (30) 24240 65513

Kali Thea is situated on the edge of the Old Village, 100 metres along the road that takes you to the beach of Megalos Mourtias. If approaching from Old Village, walk down the main road and take the right turn that leads to the beach of Megalos Mourtias. If appoaching from Patitiri, it’s the left turn towards Megalos Mourtias.

The Yoga Shala and Treatment Room is located down the steps at the side of the house.


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Alonissos travel guides.

For finding a flight.
BA fly to Thessaloniki. You may find this a cheaper flight, but it’s a longer journey; by bus (to Volos) 2 hours and Hydrofoil (to Alonissos) 3 hours. Depending on return flight time, you may have to stay a night in Thessaloniki.
Only shows flights to Athens.
Flights to Athens. From Athens take the bus to the port of Agios Konstantinos and from here Hydrofoil to Alonissos. This is a similar journey time as from Thessaloniki.
Flights from Athens to Skiathos. Internal flight from £80 return.

Hydrofoil tickets (Flying Dolphin/ Flying Cat) from Skiathos/ Volos/ Agios Konstantinos to Alonissos.

For Alexander Technique workshops on Alonissos.

For holidays, boat trips, vehicle hire.

For buying or building a home in Alonissos.

For on-site Yoga at work in London.

For beautiful Yoga accessories.

For painting holidays on Alonissos.

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