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Kali Thea News – Sprinag 2008

Γεια οασ!

March is here and the signs of spring are slowly appearing on the island. Easter beckons for those of you in England, whilst in Greece we have to wait a little longer to indulge in our Easter egg stash.

Greek weather ……..

The weather has gone through many changes in the last few months. We’ve experienced very high winds on the island, some recently hitting over gale force 10. We lost a few tiles but a few people lost whole roofs! There was also a fire on the island but thankfully no one was injured. Lots of the islanders said they had never experienced such high winds ever. After that we were also treated to a couple of days of snow. We were not badly affected here unlike some parts of Greece, which were totally cut off.
Recently we have had a number of warm sunny days. This has encouraged the spring flowers to emerge. Carpeting the landscape with bluebells, anemones, almond blossom and other beautiful wild flowers and shrubs. It even prompted us here to have a dip in the sea, which was very cold, but very refreshing.

Carnival ………

This time of year the Greeks have begun to observe Lent. This means that no meat, eggs or milk must be consumed for 40 days. The last week before the end of Lent no oil or butter can be used. To mark the beginning of Lent Carnival celebrations take place all over Greece. The Alonissos Carnival was great fun. There were a variety of floats and lots of fancy dress costumes. Starting at the harbour in Patitiri the revellers moved on to nearby Votsi to dance the night away.

Kali Thea’s garden …………

Our new trees are beginning to show signs of growth, with the appearance of their first buds. Our small winter vegetable patch has been a great success with a very tasty crop of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages.

Kali Thea’s Cat … cats….

Since acquiring Tiddles, we have now been joined by two other new recruits, a beautiful tabby who is known as Tuppy and a ginger and white cat who answers to the name of Jeremy. Tiddles we have now discovered is actually a boy (oops), is still the number one cat.

Don’t forget ….. Yoga Holidays 2008 ….

Spring is fast approaching and so now is the ideal time to plan your summer holiday break. Our two yoga holidays run by Lee are taking place on: –

Friday 20th June – Friday 27th June
Friday 5th September – Friday 12th September

These one week yoga holidays offer you the opportunity to participate in two daily yoga classes. The number of places available are limited (10 maximum) guaranteeing lots of personal attention. You will also have plenty of time to explore this very beautiful, unspoilt island, recharge your batteries and experience lots of Greek hospitality.

If you have any queries about the holidays please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Καλο Πασχα!

With best wishes Lee and Bibi x

Kali Thea News – Winter 2007

Happy 2008 to all of you who visited us in 2007 and to all of you we hope to meet soon.

This year the month of May will see Kali Thea’s first full year in operation. So far in the 9 months since our arrival we have had the great pleasure of meeting a whole host of fascinating people who have shared in our new adventure. (Thank you all for your support).

This summer Alonissos experienced a heat-wave that affected most of Europe. Happily we are full of very beautiful beaches making it very easy to cool down quickly. Now January is here and those warm, hot days seem a very distant memory. Short sleeves and shorts have been replaced with thermals and woolly jumpers.

Kali Thea ….

The house has come a long way from the visits in 2006 when having only our imagination to rely on as we viewed bare land. When we first arrived in May 07 we were stunned at how impressive it looked.

Gradually the interior of the house has taken shape becoming more homely as we have turned our hands to making our own bookshelves and curtains.
Living on a small island certainly makes you more resourceful.

and its garden…

In the summer we managed to grow a great cucumber plant, which flowered regularly. Unfortunately, our tomato plants were less successful.

We have now planted our first fruit trees, which we hope will grow strong and provide us with plenty of lemons, oranges and pears. Meanwhile our winter veg patch of cauliflowers, cabbages and broccoli are showing promising signs and we hope will soon end up in the cooking pot.

Kali Thea’s cat…

Kali Thea has also acquired a new member of the team. We now have our own cat! Appearing in November 07, she answers to the name of Tiddles, has a very shiny black cat, and we think she is very beautiful. She spends her days eating sleeping, playing, and sleeping. (It’s a tough life but she takes it in her stride).

Yoga Holidays 2008

Lee will be running two yoga holidays this year.

Friday 20th June – Friday 27th June
Friday 5th September – Friday 12th September

These one week yoga holidays offer you the opportunity to participate in two daily yoga classes, in a small group (maximum of 10) with lots of personal attention guaranteed. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore Alonissos and to experience Greek hospitality. For further details please see
Yoga Holidays.
This year we are working with our resident Alexander Technique teacher, Penny O’Connor, who is running a couple of Alexander Technique holidays that will incorporate a morning yoga session. For details see

Moving to Alonissos …

Moving to Alonissos has been a great experience for us both. We have loved every minute of being here. Everyone we have met from residents to visitors have all been very kind and we are very grateful for the support you have shown us and continue to do today.

Alonissos is a very unique Greek island. Once visited it is never forgotten. We urge all of you who have never been to come and experience this special place and the hospitality of its residents for yourself. And to those of you who have already done so, don’t delay your return.

Once again we wish you all a prosperous 2008 and look forward to your visit later this year.

With best wishes Lee and Bibi x

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